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Dr D's Journal
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Tuesday, August 13th, 2002

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Само за себя

- The traditional teaching in Japan was "If I pinch myself it hurts, so it must hurt you as well". In other words do unto others...

- "Ignorance is bliss" is no excuse. You must make efforts to be informed.

- The older generation thinks the young are bad. Yet the reason they appear to be so is because the older generation has not taught them properly.

(придумываем себе)
- You can't follow a God that has been created by man.

- It is not enough to only train the body. When you realize that the mind controls the body it becomes obvious that the mind must be trained.

- Once something has been reduced to zero it can never return.

- The worst thing a human can do is take something in a minus way.

- "Doing nothing," means being natural.

- We live a relative world. This is evident in the fact that we think we are stronger when we put tension in our muscles. In fact this only makes us weaker.

- The reason you get tired is because you put tension in your muscles.

- Behaving properly and with good manners is a state of no "Suki". A state where you do not leave yourself open to attack or absent-mindedness. [I would translate suki as "weakness" in this case]

- The real meaning of "Ishii" (Will) is to be able to do what is right.

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