Dr D (dvv7) wrote,
Dr D

A shift in Values? (Why Muslim Culture Wins...)

A beginning of the discussion here

Will we see a new Batesonian Level II learning of social groups (i.e., economic elites, governments, or consumers) or: you can't teach new tricks to an old dog. Will we observe a shift in values/development of shared hierarchies or people activate the lower ones (family, survival in herds, etc).

On the point of the loss of values, I wanted to write a whole post. Christian rules of engagement diminish, you can't say that the contemporary young people uphold Christian values (i.e., treat older/ill people with respect and sympathy, help ones in need (yess, they are eager to collect money for charity and give on the street but it's more of a blockage, buying out rather than participation). People behave less politely, greet more formally/just to say that, use the f-word too much. I have no problem with the f-word, but it also has to mean something, allow to express something, rather being there polluting speech, mood and nerves.

In that regard, I observed, a Muslim culture and set of principles/values that their young people are taught to observe, at least, in regard to their equals and immediate family simply win. They care about each other and their old grandma, physically taking old people with them to shop. They can ask a cousin for help, whereas in a Western society, people hardly see the their cousins. Yes, it's a social model of an early stage, but it works better for those who participate in it.
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